5 Unique Outdoor Activities for Kids to Try This Fall

5 Unique Outdoor Activities for Kids to Try This Fall

5 Unique Outdoor Activities for Kids to Try This Fall

Have you ever felt puzzled about how to keep your kids busy for a while? Sometimes, all we need is a second or two of rest to fresh up your mind and get back to daily chores. However, modern kids could be sophisticated, they don’t like waiting and they always want new experiences, especially if they are outdoor activities!

When it comes to new kid-friendly activities, you need to draw your child’s attention for sure. You don’t want to end up screen sitting all night, so extraordinary outdoor ideas are at the top of the agenda.

Here’s a solid bunch of extraordinary toys and games your children might be obsessed with this fall. It’s a combo of options that require various budget funding, so everybody is able to find something interesting.

You’re likely to be hearing about some of these activities for the first time, and that’s the point. Surprise your kids with these unconventional ideas.

1. A spider game

spider game ropes

When you were slumming in the woods, you must have met a cobweb on your way. Can your kids weave the same one? Get close to the spider’s snare, find a solid bush and get to work! While the children are busy with a small web, parents can weave a large net of thick ropes and stretch it between the trees to create a training ground for Spider-Man.

The important thing is that after a tiring routine, your kid needs to get some fresh air. And this activity is indisputably a game-changer that will spice up your child’s pastime.

2. Wobbling on a swing scooter

swing scooter

Source: kidsatvsale.com

The very first thing you may have on your mind is that there’s nothing new in riding a scooter. But have you ever heard about a fliker scooter for kids, like this one from kidsatvsale.com? We bet most of you haven’t faced this marvelous riding toy.

A swing scooter, as its name implies, makes your body swing while riding. This vehicle has an uncommon three-wheeled design with two rear wheels split up. To start scooting, just hop on the plates and sway from side to side like a Macarena dancer (you’ll probably have to explain that to the younger generation, though). Your littler rider may need some time to slay fliker scooting but it’s definitely worth it.

In addition, constant movement and muscle tension might lead to overall body strength and enhanced well-being that can only please a caring parent. Your buddy may not even notice how they keep fit while getting wild.

By the way, why not run a family competition in order to involve all relatives? This outdoor activity could teach your kids how to play in a team, as well as improve decision-making skills.

3. Fence drawing

fence drawing

If you still enjoy hot sunny days, you can take advantage of it! You merely need two ingredients to drop a fascinating wet party!

First things first, the essentials include a paintbrush and a bucket of water. An unpainted fence is an excellent budget-friendly substitute for a canvas, where water is a paint. A wet brush will be clearly visible on the boards, and truly large-scale masterpieces could be created.

Yes, the longevity of such paintings leaves much to be desired. On the other hand, the spot becomes available for new water writings all the time. In fact, dozens of researches claim that kid’s attention lasts up to 10 min focusing on one object, so frequent switching between drawings is a great plus.

By the way, you can also paint on the asphalt, and instead of a brush, use a plastic bottle filled with water with a hole in the lid. Although this game seems odd, it could be a tremendous family-bonding activity, as you can create stories with plot twists together with your children.

4. After-party tennis

after party tennis

Source: mykidcraft.com

When a party is over, it’s high time to throw a jaw-dropping after-party! Sounds intriguing, right? Moreover, it could be organized with the use of leftovers after your birthday or Christmas celebration.

Borrow this idea from mykidcraft.com. Ask your kid to pick up two clean plastic/paper plates, two popsicle sticks and a balloon. Glue the sticks to the plates to make tennis rackets and use a balloon as a tennis ball. Make sure there’s some air left in the balloon. And voila, your children are plunged into joy and sports, what a win-win.

5. Vivid stones

painted stones

This is another game that aims to improve your kid’s imagination and creativity. It goes without saying that broadening a child’s horizon is crucial at an early stage of development, so this game may come in handy.

Drawing on rocks is easier than it seems. Grab a pencil, acrylic paints or gouache. It’s recommended to pick up 10 flat stones of the same size. You could even offer a game “inside” a game: run a race to collect the stones before you start making art. Lots of fun comes with the package!

When you’re set, sketch the future doodles. If your kid is too young to operate a brush on their own, give them a helping hand in drawing a fancy turtle or a hobbit house. For experienced ones, make up quaint characters and come up with a bizarre fairy-tail, putting them all together.

Get involved in these outdoor activities for kids

If you want to entertain your children in a brand-new way, you don’t need to hoard all the knickknacks from the store. In fact, kids value not the price tag but your attention.

Get inspired by these unconventional ideas on how to spend time with your loved ones outdoors. These activities also travel well, so if you’re headed on vacation or just fooling around the neighborhood, you’re all set.



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