Sign Up for the (Free!) 2020 Holiday Cure and Make the Season Bright—From Home or Anywhere Else

Sign Up for the (Free!) 2020 Holiday Cure and Make the Season Bright—From Home or Anywhere Else

Sign Up for the (Free!) 2020 Holiday Cure and Make the Season Bright—From Home or Anywhere Else

But Apartment Therapy wanted to make sure everyone has something fun to look forward to this holiday season. So we created the first-ever Holiday Cure: 20 daily prompts that incorporate stress-free prep, seasonal cleaning reminders, grounding mindfulness exercises, and plenty of excuses to create small festive moments for yourself or the people you live with.

The experience kicks off right here on Saturday, Nov. 7. And you can sign up right now using the email signup box below. You can do it from anywhere—but it’s especially useful for anyone staying right where they are all season long.

What is the Holiday Cure?

The Holiday Cure is a 20-day experience guided by me, Taryn Williford, Apartment Therapy’s lifestyle director. It will follow the same template as our other Home Cures (maybe you just finished the Decluttering Cure with me?), but with a seasonal spin. And we’re partnering with Libman to bring you this special edition of the Cure for the first time ever.

Starting Saturday, Nov. 7, I will send 20 daily prompts to your inbox throughout the month. Each one is designed to give you some way to help you do something to make this season bright. There’s going to be some cleaning and decluttering, a bit of holiday prep, and a bit of good old festive fun.

All you have to do is sign up with your email in the box below, or on this signup page. Then we’ll send those daily prompts straight to your inbox every morning, so you can plan out what you want to do and when.

Ultimately, you should expect to use this as an excuse to enjoy all of the things you love about the holidays, and as permission to skip anything unnecessary that makes you stressed out or anxious. (In fact, it’s totally fine to sign up and skip assignments as you please—you’re in charge!)

One day we’ll be cleaning and fluffing the sofa so it’s ready for your relaxing nights in. Another day we’ll all do a little decluttering to make room for gifts. And we’re definitely going to be putting up decorations early, and making lists of all the cheesy movies to binge before the new year (that is, if you want to!).

But my number one goal for you is to have fun, get ahead of some must-do things that you want to make time for, and enjoy this time of year for what it is: A moment to reflect and appreciate kindness, love, and family (and your sofa, twinkle lights, and romcoms).

If you really want to know more what the Holiday Cure is all about, you can sign up now, and I’ll see you again on Saturday, Nov. 7!

Taryn Williford

Lifestyle Director

Taryn is a homebody from Atlanta. She writes about cleaning and living well as the Lifestyle Director at Apartment Therapy. She might have helped you declutter your apartment through the magic of a well-paced email newsletter. Or maybe you know her from The Pickle Factory Loft on Instagram.

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